Car Dealer SEO Case Study (147% Traffic Increased)

Do you know we increased the traffic of a car dealer by 147%?

Yes, here is a case study for you to know how we did it.

Like all our other clients, this car dealership came to us with their business going down.

Their rankings were decreasing, their keywords weren’t working, and they could not recover from a Google penalty.

But we changed their business landscape, and their traffic started overflowing soon.


This dealership operates in various locations based out of the UK, dealing with high-value luxury vehicles.

They wanted to get back their traffic and increase their search rankings.

Most of the keywords they wanted to rank for had low search volume but were profitable.

Here is how we helped them achieve their goals of traffic and ranking.

First Things First- The SEO Audit

Before starting our work on any client’s website, first, we run an SEO audit to understand where we need to work.

The client’s rankings dropped since Google updated its core algorithm in May.

As an auto dealer, the client’s most pages consisted of only inventory pages.

The site had many duplicate pages with very little content and a high bounce rate.

First, the client started using our link-building services called ala-carte, and they saw a bit of rising in their traffic.

Then after retrieving some amount of traffic, they got on with our managed SEO program.

Focusing on Improving Existing Pages Rankings & Traffic with Easy Wins

To get the results fast, we focused on improving the rankings of the existing pages.

A website is usually close to getting high ranking and traffic, but it is still not going within the top rankings.

We use the ‘easy wins’ method to determine the keywords that the site is already ranking for.

We use the following metrics to identify the keywords:

●   The ranking position between 4 to 30

●   A minimum CPC of .01

●   Keyword density equal to or less than 30

In this way, we can identify the target keywords that are on the verge of getting ranked, and we can quickly improve their rankings.

We discovered 460 potential terms that rank between page 1 to page 3 on search results on this website.

The CPC for these keywords was between $0.30 to $2.50.

These keywords had less difficulty and mostly led to product pages for a specific car.

These are the keywords that we focused on and capitalized on to increase the traffic quickly.

Competitive Gap Analysis

The next thing that we worked on was the competitive gap analysis.

This helped us to identify the keywords that the dealer’s competitors were ranking for.

We discovered the competitors’ targeted keywords by analyzing their contents.

Compared to other industries, the automotive industry works differently and needs a different SEO approach.

While conducting the competitive gap analysis, we found many keywords that seemed irrelevant, like geo-tagged terms, specific car models, etc.

But we included these terms in our content and increased the traffic quite fast.

In this industry, most of the websites have thin content, so our long blog content gave them a tough competition.

Every month we implemented strategies in quality link building and content creation.

SEO Results

After targeting the ‘easy wins’ keywords, the website saw a growth in the rankings.

We could help the keywords to achieve their rankings on page 1 of search results.

Here are the top 10 keywords with their rankings on page 1:

Here is a growth of the site’s #1 keyword that saw a massive improvement after three months of using DigitalPrasen.


Since the client joined our managed SEO service DigitalPrasen, their traffic amount and value have increased every month.

We combined strategic plans of content creation and link building to produce tremendous and consistent rankings.

Check the image below to see how the site’s backlinks, organic traffic, keywords, and traffic value have improved.

After working on the client’s website for a few months, we retrieved their organic traffic, doubled their traffic value, and pushed many of their keywords onto page 1 of search results.

If you need help with your website, you can join our managed SEO service even if you have already been penalized.

To know more, get in touch with the DigitalPrasen team now!