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Prasenjit Dutta Chowdhury @Digital Prasen – @copyproblogger

Hi guys, I am going to tell you about my story since I was born.

I was born on 13 August 1984 in JNM hospital at Kalyani.

Let me tell you about my family background then coming back to my story.

My family is from an Army family my father is to work for the Indian army and he passed away in 1995 when I just 9 years old.

After my father died, my family was suffering a deep financial issue, and my mom and one of my elder brothers (Mental disbalance).

We used to live in a rented house at Kanchrapara

When I was in class 10th I started working along with continuing my studies.

I was a good student since I start education. I used to rank the second position until the 9th. but after that, I had to take my family responsibility, therefore, I wasn’t able to give time to for my education.

Besides I was included with some bad groups and addicted to bad things like smoking….

I can remember that I join the first job was selling newspapers door to door.

And for that, I used to get a monthly 150 rupees in that morning job. After that I used to work with a music shop then after six months I went to an automobile center after that I join a company after complete my graduation and diploma at CMC.

I pass out of a Bengali medium government school and college. That course did not promote computer and English education. I learned the basic knowledge and studies then I decided to improve my English and computer knowledge.

Having to continue my job was to help me improve me but before the job I had a desire to learn computer course but was not able to give the monthly fee (300 Rs) and for that I wasn’t able to go to that course on that time (It’s all about before complete my graduation).

I started my fast IT job at Kalyani as an SEO professional in 2006. After that, I work with them one year I change my profession and went to another job at Kolkata Rabindra Sarovar Citibank in the credit card customer desk at forum building in Kolkata.

But after continue 3 months I was not able to satisfy the job then I realize I should continue with my experience what I have.

Next, I applied for another digital marketing agency called Karmick Solutions Private Limited.

After sending my email to them I quickly received a response within 2 hours for the interview.

I was selected and start working again as an SEO professional. That was a great experience I gather. And I made two of my friends there also owner now and IT company is from Odisha.

  • Samaresh Bisoi CEO of SWS Pvt. Ltd
  • Hrudananda Sahoo from Web Ranking Dreams Pvt. Ltd

Samaresh was one of my best friend who asks me to work for his company but I was not able to speak that I don’t like to go with him but suddenly from that time I have decided to launch my company called WebInfotech with my partner (Jolly Dutta).

This time was in 2009, I purchase a domain on November 5th, 2009.

It was great to start with a new company. l used to do my job along with maintaining my business after coming back to my home.

After I left my job I start dedicated working for Webinfotech.

It was quite a success grow and I purchase land at Naihati and then make my house along with my company building.

After completing all the construction I get married on 2012 5th July.

After that growing growing growing, but the changes in black hat SEO world went down.

On 21st February 2014, God gifted me with a little angel who is my daughter Jenelia.

My Wife Jolly u0026amp; Jenelia is My Angel Daughter 🙂

I always had a desire to earn from affiliate marketing but I was not fully clear on it but I decided onto 2015 to start learning.

While I clear on that I decided to start a blog called @copyproblogger.

Since then I am learning now as well and I am quite impressed that I boost my knowledge and going with my profession as a hobby.

After started this business I decided to give my older company Webinfotech ownership transfer to my wife Jolly.

Since 2015 Jolly is also always taking care of the other business as a digital marketing agency.

I am also involved sometimes when she required me.

Today I am the very curious guy and looking for a new way to do new things whether it is backlink building for a website or writing a blog post or using a new study for internet marketing or social media.

Now I am providing FREE SEO consulting services and outreach strategy to small business owners.

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